Which Comes First, the Reading or the Book?

Now I've really gone and done it. The opportunity to put my name into the hat for a new writing event came out of the blue and I thought 'well you can't really turn that down can you - not if you're really serious about this whole thing' so I emailed back and, lo, a slot was given.

Slight issue - the book I'll be reading out of may not be out in print by the time that event rolls round in September. So what? Well I suppose it's a slight wasted opportunity to sell the odd copy.

Carry on regardless I suppose? The lovely Kirstin has told me that slots are from 2-10 minutes but that in all probability the maximum will be reduced. So I thought I'd just shoot for 4-5 minutes and get some practice in front of the bathroom mirror. Maybe I'll line up my anonymous mask and cut-out faces from magazines to make a pretend audience.

It always seems that writers who go down best at reading generally do 'the funny bit' from early on in their books - given the time limit there's probably only space to do a joke or a vignette scene.

On the positive side this is good impetus to finish proof-editing and gassing with publishers...


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