Powdered Lager

Many thanks to Charles Christian over at http://urbanfantasist.com/ for publishing my flash fiction piece 'The Oversewer'. You can read it here and get a glimpse of the kind of metro-urban-conurbation we just might have to look forward to - in just under a thousand words.

It's a great topic to fiddle about with: you've got so many prompts from giants like J.G. Ballard, John Brunner and Philip K. Dick. Somewhere I read a J.G. Ballard story where a child runs away on an underground train and you come to the awful realisation that the world is nothing but levels of city when he eventually circumnavigates the global on a tube train. I can't remember the title tragically - maybe someone can prompt me?

 Charles' book the Quickest Way Down has been longlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. The winner will be announced at the Cork International Festival (19-to-23 September). If you get it off the fantasists site you can save yourself a chunk off the Amazon price too. I expect he'll be sampling the stout and chatting with the hoi-polloi of brevity while waiting for his prize!



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