Still Miss You Ray

The Magic White Suit later known as The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit is one of my favourite short stories and by favourite I mean in the immortal upper echelons. 

I've just had another read of it from the copy of A Medicine for Melancholy which is packed with at least twenty shorts by Ray Bradbury who passed on earlier this year leaving the world richer for his having been here.

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit is the epitome of Ray (I've decided I think of him as Ray and not Mr Bradbury, Ray Bradbury or Bradbury - for sentimental reasons) who seems to find in the here and now the strangest elements of what it is to be human and here on this rock with a load of other people. You get the feeling that his writing is the most profound metaphor, a far metaphor it's been called, but you can't pin down what it might be saying. Perhaps our heads just aren't big enough to fit something of this size and profundity in? Every time I try to nail down what is special about it and what it is really saying I'm like the piano movers taking all the pieces off to get it into a house. Eventually it just comes in as parts.

The irony is that if you just enjoy the story Ray will just drop that far metaphor in through the ceiling.


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