Permutime: Experiments in Steampunk

It's all been done before in steam punk. Hasn't it?

Those two brave souls over at FastForward Festival, @fastforwardfest - a webzine dedicated to publishing steam punk fiction with a penchant for time travel - have published a story I originally started knocking about three or four years ago which then just sat there in my drop box until I brushed it up, straightened it all out and sent it off to publications with a similar interest (according to Duotrope) around the New Year.

You can find the story over here on their web site. Let me know if you find any combination particularly pleasing or that just don't work, in an ideal world there should be no permutation that makes no sense. It was pointed out to me by the charming Dom @mouseannoying, that you could pick the order based on your favourite movie style, so I'll try and collate some here but bear in mind that I deliberately don't present the parts in numeric chronological order in the published story.

123456 - Traditional
321546 - Memento
143526 - Quentin Tarantino
3456     - Hitchcock

Many thanks to Danica & Carmen


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