The Boatman - Genesis from Story to Graphic Novel

It's been a while since Damian Street started thinking about adapting my short story 'The Boatman' into a comic (or graphic novel depending on if you can stick a definition on that) but now it's coming on at pace in preparation for Thought Bubble 2013.

Iron-Shod Ape comics is a collaboration between three masters of the art to showcase their work: Gareth Sleightholme, Andrew Segal and the aforementioned Damian Street. They all attended Thought Bubble last year and had work on display - this year they are back with more.

The Boatman

Adaptation is a tricky business. Find someone you trust and respect to do it. There's no such thing as 'direct' adaptation with no alterations, interpretation renders that pretty much impossible. There's been some interesting discussions along the way but if you are lucky enough to get a talented artist then it's best to get out of his or her way and do their thing.

To see the teasers etc. being posted for the project visit the Iron-Shod Ape blog over here:


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