Resurrocktion: The Movie

Here's how it happened. Now I need YOUR help.

Some time ago a friend, let's call her Sarah, told me about her friend who made a treatment for a script based on killer rocks. Now let's gloss over the fact that that poor student received a terrible grade for that final year project. I immediately thought - what a great B movie - I can make that work.

Soon after I was confined to light duties because of a disgusting case of the lurgie. Bored and feeling sorry for myself I began typing out a list of characters. It was a full on comedy/horror set in Cambridge. Here's the first page:

Produced by Rockumentary Studios
“The Smartest Town in the World Brings You the Dumbest Film Ever.”

In a genetics laboratory, outside Cambridge, a secret government experiment goes terribly wrong and produces hyper-intelligent rocks that are programmed to kill. When they break out of the high security compound the entire city is in danger and only a broken down geologist, an obsessive journalist and a failed rock musician hold the key to saving humanity. 
Prof. Van Meander ........ Renowned Geologist/Geneticist
Jane Stone ........ Daily Sun Reporter
Roger Peters ........ Geologist
Mary Sander ........ Student
Howie Shingle ........ Student
Chuck Maidstone ........ Musician
Ashton Grey ........ Government Agent

 You might think that it would end there. Well no, I got a bit carried away.

I started with the first scene. The professor lecturing to an auditorium full of students on the wonders of geology - it's a classic opening, very attention grabbing, think of Indiana Jones. But it didn't stop there. Soon I was messing around with Jane the down-trodden reporter looking for that one story that will get her into the big time.

Well it got out of hand.

By the end of the day I had written the first ten scenes and plotted out all three acts (of course it's three acts). By the next day I had shown it to Sarah, Woody and any other people I thought would get a wheeze out of it. The reaction was good. Soon a rock appeared on my desk with the message "I'm Colin, I'd like a part in your movie." on a post-it note. Colin is still on my desk.

There have been impromptu readings in pubs, screen tests and even an ill-advised attempt at mocking up scenes with a DSLR (of which the most rewarding thing was the stop motion rock attack). What has become clear is that if it is ever to be more than an amusing sick-day diversion then we need help.

We need it all: directors, actors, cameramen, lighting, sound, special effects, editor, makeup and all the other things we don't even know we need. If you think you can help or just want to be involved - get in touch.

Let's see if we can get this show on the road!


  1. "all the other things we don't even know we need"... I don't know what I could be used for so I'll do one of those things? Give me a shout (though I'm not painting "Love You" on my eye-lids).

    1. Ok - so you're not 'completely open to the creative process' ;) Thought about getting in touch with Anglia-Ruskin to see if their media department want to help - also CJ suggested this:


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