The Mountain of Penguins

A disturbing amount of unread knowledge.
It was not so long ago that I was bequeathed a near-total collection of Penguin classics, now I know that that listing is changing over time but for the purposes of this blog we'll think of it like a static collection.

I get tremendous pleasure from rubbing my nose along the spines and ogling the unexplored avenues and cul-de-sacs of literature.

On the downside however a quick tot-up shows that I've made almost no impact on the mountain. Since its arrival no more than 2% has been consumed.

Last summer we watched a group of people try to beat an American restaurant's eat-it-all-and-it's-free challenge, and now I find myself sympathising more and more with those poor souls. They started out strong but in the end they realised that the bonus plate of fries with chilli and cheese were never going to be eaten.


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